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Inner Critic:
Transforming Your Relationship to the Inner Critic Transforms Your Relationship to Life

March 1-3, 2018 (center)
Mercy Retreat Center, Burlingame, CA

Being a human is no easy undertaking. At the core of our life experience is a very basic, and often unexamined dynamic which lives underneath our consciousness – our relationship to ourselves. This relationship includes how we ‘hold’ ourselves and the ideas and beliefs carried in our mental, emotional, somatic and energetic bodies, which we can easily take as ‘truth.’ Read More…

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Beyond Duality:
Living at the Intersection of our Infinite and Finite Nature

April 13-15, 2018
Mercy Retreat Center, Burlingame, CA

How do you find your anchoring in deep, True Nature while living in these times of chaos and the quickening evolutionary pulse? How do you live your daily life, experience awe and gratitude, and allow your heart to be awake to suffering? The practice of living at the intersection of our finite, human experience and of our eternal dimension builds our capacity for being here. Read More…

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Circles are an ancient archetype of wholeness, unity, and connectedness. Deep Living Circles are skillfully and compassionately facilitated by Deep Living team members who have been studying and working with Roxanne for years. Offered in both live and virtual formats, they provide a sacred space for developing and expanding your capacity for deep living. Read More…


I’m so glad you have found Deep Living.

You are a more magnificent being than you know. But my telling you will not be what convinces you. Only your real and direct experience can do that. And that’s what we are so blessed to offer you- grounded, honest and real experiences that include All of you, held with deep compassion that anchors a profound new level of Self-recognition.

We know that One Size Does Not Fit All! There are nine profound and distinctive pathways to inner authority, fulfillment and peace, and ultimately, to a liberated life. What works for your best friend may not be what works for you.

My amazing team and I are currently preparing an array of options-materials, coaching, courses, retreats — for us to get to know you, and for you to know us. When you opt-in, you’ll be in the loop to hear about the new opportunities as they become available, as well as receive free material from my newest book, Deep Living. We’d love to welcome you to complimentary opportunities, such as calls with other authors, teachers and leaders who have important contributions to share.

I look forward to meeting you.


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Deep Living: Transform Your Relationship to
Everything that Matters through the Enneagram
by Roxanne Howe-Murphy