The Map of Human Experience

A Brief Primer to the Map of the Human Experience

The Enneagram and You

Did you know that every human being moves through life with a particular orientation to self, to others and to the world that affects his or her thoughts, attitudes, decisions, behavior, relationships with others, coping style, and entire way of being? Sometimes this particular orientation works well, sometimes it doesn’t.

The challenge that most humans have is that they are unaware of their particular orientation. It is so closely woven into the material of one’s life, that it is not easily visible. Each orientation, when hidden, leaves us believing that “this is just how life is.”

To not know one’s own orientation is significant at the individual level because eventually, it means that we work against the natural flow of life and mistake our orientation for who we really are. This leaves us feeling cut-off from our wholeness and from the Divine.

To not know one’s own orientation is significant for our relationships because people evaluate themselves and each other against this hidden internal framework. When we are unconscious of the existence of various orientations, it is easy and feels natural to judge oneself and the other. This creates enormous suffering and internal and/or external conflict

To not know one’s orientation is significant for the community because misunderstandings and miscommunications often lead to policies and actions that can have disastrous results in our world community. The cultures of organizations, communities, regions and subgroups within a country, and even countries are to a large degree based on different Enneagram types.