Deep Living Book

Deep Living:
Transforming Your Relationship
to Everything That Matters
Through the Enneagram

By Roxanne Howe-Murphy, Ed.D.
With Foreword by Marci Shimoff, NY Times #1Best-selling author
Deep Living

To be at home in yourself and at ease in the world are among life’s greatest blessings.


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Used wisely, the Enneagram is a map of nine profound journeys from separateness to wholeness and love. In Deep Living, you’ll find the reflection of your particular true nature.

In Deep Living, Dr. Roxanne Howe-Murphy illuminates the stunning and paradoxical mechanisms through which our personalities unconsciously take each of us in exactly the opposite direction of our deepest nature. The result is a seemingly irresolvable inner divide.

Offering a radically compassionate, rare and mature approach to personal change, Dr. Howe-Murphy integrates the ancient wisdom of the Enneagram with presence-based practices for everyday living and unexpected healing processes that will transform how you see and experience yourself, and the world around you.

Shifting where you put your attention, your innate and evolutionary capacity for the deep intelligence of presence grows and you move toward your soul’s true longing and purpose. Tapping into your direct, in-the-moment experience leads from a distorted sense of self and others to an authentic connection with what’s true, including:

from inner inadequacy to real inner authority
from struggle to real inner peace
from being in the grip of personality to real inner liberation.

Nine Leading Edge Messages from Deep Living

  1. Deep Living introduces the radical idea that the path to happiness and fulfillment is not about fixing something that’s broken in you. Rather, it’s about understanding and being with yourself in an entirely new way.
  2. Our personalities, when operating on automatic, take us in exactly the opposite direction of what our souls most want, of what will create our deepest fulfillment.
  3. The inner divide, the inner struggle that includes judging and cutting off big parts of yourself, diminishes to the degree that you learn to allow, accept, and ‘be with’ the range of inner experience that comes with being the unique person you are.
  4. Presence matters. Meeting whatever is showing up in your life with compassion and non-judgment is the basis for healthful and sustainable transformation.
  5. Deep Living points you to direct contact with your own knowing. As you honor your soul’s journey of healing, you become liberated to express the gifts of your true nature.
  6. Each of the nine dominant Enneagram types has its own version of an internal (and hidden) architectural blueprint which, when unknown to us, shapes our internal dialogue, our perception of self, of others, and of our relationship to the world. Here we cannot be aware of real choices.
  7. One size does not fit all. There is a unique and powerful path of healing and transformation associated with each of the nine Enneagram points.
  8. When we awaken to the illusion created by the blueprint we come into deep contact with that which is Real, Enduring and Essential within.
  9. The Enneagram is a map of love in action.

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