Early Praise

Deep Living

“..this remarkable approach to fulfillment is nothing short of a revelation.”

From the Foreword by Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times Bestselling author

This is a book that makes possible deeper intimacy with yourself, by bringing together the practical and the profound. Deep Living offers many pathways for the active practice of presence in the exploration of what it means to be fully human.  Using the Enneagram to radically and compassionately shift the reader’s understanding of him or herself, Roxanne Howe-Murphy offers wise guidance to an inside-out process that teaches readers how to refocus their attention and build upon their innate capacity for living with more joy, aliveness, and fulfillment.  We recommend this book as an important source of spiritual guidance to support and accelerate your own awakening.”

—Don Riso and Russ Hudson, authors of The Wisdom of the Enneagram and Personality Types

“Deep Living is profound transformational inner directed therapy…

— Nancy Lorraine, Senior Reviewer, The Midwest Book Review

The malaise of our time is shallow-mindedness, superficiality and abbreviated awareness. Deep Living by Dr. Roxanne Howe-Murphy offers a compelling antidote.

—Michael J Gelb, author of How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci

“Deep Living is a valuable resource to unlock our personality structure and to transform into our evolutionary nature.

— Patt Lind-Kyle, author of Heal Your Mind Rewire Your Brain

“Deep Living does, indeed, transform your relationship to everything that matters, starting with that most important relationship — the one between you and YOU. Read this book to understand yourself more fully and appreciate yourself more deeply. Read it to move beyond your current, outworn, habitual patterns to the freshness of being authentically present in the moment. Read it to better understand the other relationships in your life. Read this book. You’ll be so glad you did!

—Marcia Cannon, Ph. D., MFT, author of The Gift of Anger

SHE is a modern mystic!!!! Roxanne Howe-Murphy captures the deepest beat of life and translates it for the ears, eyes and hearts of all who claim readiness to what life can be about. To live deeply may not be for the faint of heart, but there is much Light and Liberation in the pilgrimage to our very essence. The Enneagram, as Roxanne sees it and utilizes it, is a sacred path, an expedition in love of Self and of others. To know one’s inherent nature is to be realized and truly free.

—Harriett Simon Salinger MCC, LCSW
Executive and Personal Coach
Spiritual Director and Certified Seeker
Los Angeles CA

If you are ready to witness yourself with both eyes wide open, to understand why you act the way you do (even when it is ineffective), and to learn how to live in alignment with your true essence, this is the book for which you have been waiting. Roxanne shares her wisdom, compassion and deep coaching expertise, leaving you with the gift of deep living. A must read for anyone ready to begin or continue their personal life journey!

Suzanne Glazer
Assistant Director, Leadership Initiative
Harvard Business School

Soul excavation is hard work – but the Enneagram is a powerful tool and Roxanne Howe-Murphy a very able guide to this process. For spiritual directors — or anyone who is ready to pay attention to the call of authenticity in their lives, and allow themselves to be truly present — Deep Living provides a map to interior freedom and more genuine relationships with God, Self and others. This book challenges the reader to move to new levels of self awareness and healing, providing concrete steps and real help for true transformation.”

—Suzanne Buckley, Director, Mercy Center
Editor, Sacred Is the Call—The Transformational Work of Spiritual Direction Programs for Personal and Professional Growth

In Deep Living, Roxanne Howe-Murphy combines her wisdom and experience as a coach with the profound wisdom of the Enneagram. She lays down a multi-perspective frame for each of the nine personality types, enabling us to see ourselves through many lenses—from our most disabling patterns to our greatest gifts. She also provides accessible, type-specific practices that support movement out of those patterns and into a more integrated way of being. Those who truly take this work to heart, however, learn to create the conditions for an  inner shift that can peel away the need for self-limiting personal stories and judgments and open to a life lived with greater possibility and presence.

—Lauren Vanett
Founder & Director, Core Strengths Coaching Program
San Francisco State University

Roxanne Howe-Murphy’s book is truly one of the greatest gifts to come forth from the Enneagram world! In Deep Living, Roxanne provides one of THE most accessible (simple and understandable) descriptions of the spiritual journey yet published. She has made understandable and simple what generally defies language.—the experience of the soul. I’m finding myself wanting to give this book to almost everyone I know and care about. What a gift!

—Lynda Roberts
Faculty,The Enneagram Institute
Treasurer, The Board of the International Enneagram Association
Project Management Professional

The Enneagram is a powerful resource for gaining a unique doorway into self-knowledge, an essential benefit for people in the midst of career change and other life transitions. As you dive into Deep Living, you’ll uncover nuances about your own innate capacities, gifts, and beliefs that will help you discover ways you can deepen the way you live your life.

—Carol McClelland, PhD
Author of The Seasons of Change: Using Nature’s Wisdom to Grow through Life’s Inevitable Ups and Downs.

“Deep Living clearly & concisely describes the fundamentals of personal growth and spiritual awareness. This could easily be a text book for a college class focused on the emotional and social intelligence required to excel personally and professionally. It will transform your life.

Doug Moore, Ph.D.
Psychologist and Life Coach

Finally, here is a book that reveals how to achieve inner peace by first tuning into your body’s brilliance. Roxanne’s Deep Living is a book that you will reference again and again. Using the ancient wisdom of the Enneagram, Roxanne skillfully navigates a life path of happiness and fulfillment. You will find veil after veil lifting to reveal your true and beautiful self.

—Vicky Cruz, Doctor of Chiropractic
Speaker, Facilitator and Instructor
NET Certified Practitioner, Co-Founder, Full Moon Healing Center

Roxanne Howe-Murphy’s latest book, Deep Living, is an absolute treasure! Based on the ancient wisdom of the Enneagram, this book provides us with a detailed map of our personality, our frequently occurring behavioral patterns, and the deep living transformation process. Roxanne gifts us with the necessary tools to become ‘pattern detectives’; thereby enabling us to shift from seeing our patterns in life’s rear-view mirror, to noticing and catching ourselves in the midst of enacting our patterns, to seeing them just before we engage in them. Roxanne’s book is a rich resource that I will turn to time and again to access wisdom and understandings about personality and behavioral patterns, and to move towards greater awareness and presence.

—Janet Smith, PhD. Director of The Education Institute, University of Canberra, Australia.