Enneagram Typing Interviews

Identifying the Enneagram type that most resonates for you is an important step to maximizing the benefits you receive from working with the Enneagram. Identifying where you land on the Enneagram map leads to increased awareness, recognition of and the gradual liberation from attitudinal, mental, emotional and behavioral patterns. And it illuminates your highest nature. Our primary type illustrates how we as individuals gravitate to the same patterns under almost all life conditions, thus, it is the first step in the process of transforming your relationship to yourself and to what matters to you.

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Self-typing is an individualized process because you enter into it from where you are right now. We use an active orientation toward typing that includes a coaching inquiry and engagement to support you in exploring the type (or types) that most resonate for you. Online assessments can be very useful, however, we have found that our interactive process provides a personalized experience that will help you recognize how you “do” life and recognize some of the inner dynamics and motivations that have shaped your life experience.

Our expert Enneagram Typing Coaches are highly skilled in offering typing interviews. Each of our typing coaches have interviewed many people using this process, and are graduates and/or faculty in the Deep Coaching Institute, our allied coaching school.

Whether you are in the beginning stages of identifying your dominant type, find yourself going back and forth between 2 or more types, suspect you may have mistyped yourself previously and want to renew your exploration, or want a fresh perspective, we can provide support.

Our Typing Interviews consist of one 60-90 minute phone session, followed by a short follow-up session, if needed.

This is how it works:

1) Upon registering, you will be sent to a private page of Deep Living Enneagram Typing Coaches along with their bios, time zone, and their contact information.

2) Directly contact a coach using the information he or she has provided in order to schedule your session. In most circumstances, you can expect to hear back within 48 hours .

3) Let your typing coach know you are from Deep Living, as we have a pre-arranged a discounted fee of $150 for this Type discovery process.

4) The two of you arrange for your session. And your deepening process takes another big step!

Fee: The cost of the Typing Interview process is $150.00

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Focus of Attention

A few notes about identifying your dominant Enneagram Type:

1) Because self-typing is a very personal journey, individuals vary in the length of time it takes them to land on their dominant type. There are many reasons for this, and your Typing Coach can point out some of these should you feel uncertain about your type.

2) The Enneagram is a very dynamic system. While we each have a ‘home base’ on the Enneagram map, we also experience the behaviors and motivations of specific other types under certain circumstances. Your Typing Coach can point out these other types that you may be experiencing.

3) Even professionals with extensive Enneagram experience cannot tell you with 100% accuracy what your dominant type is. Only you can truly know your own type. Thus, your honesty in the typing exploration is of paramount importance.

4) No type is better or worse than any other type. Sometimes we don’t want to be dominant in a specific type, or just the opposite–we really wish to be dominant in a particular type. And that can get in the way of actually identifying one’s type. But remember, we don’t get to choose our type! Each type has its own personality structure that creates specific limitations, and each has its own glorious higher nature that is free from these limitations.

Enjoy the exploration! Discovering your type is well-worth it!

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