The Enneagram

A Repeating Pattern in Nature

The Enneagram shines the light of awareness on the specific thought, emotional, and behavioral patterns associated with each of nine orientations or Enneagram types. Most of us have a story about who we are,  how we behave, or how we imagine others see us. But our self-concept is likely clouded. As we learn about ourselves through the Enneagram, it is not unusual to discover a discrepancy between how we want to be seen and to peer through the clouds to see ourselves more accurately.

Underneath our repeating patterns, there are important psychological and spiritual themes that run through our life experiences. If you have ever wondered why you experience recurring difficulties that have some similarities, but that occur under different circumstances and with different people, you can look to these underlying dynamics to gain important understandings. Many of those who have studied this system say that they start connecting the dots among their various life experiences, and that their life makes more sense.

From R. Howe-Murphy, Deep Living: Transforming Your Relationship to Everything That Matters Through the Enneagram, Enneagram Press, 2013.

The Enneagram provides a powerful framework for accelerating self-knowledge, for releasing human suffering; for living life with more awareness, flexibility and effectiveness; and for experiencing the expansiveness and liberation of our spirit. Through the Enneagram, we discover that we have always held the key to that which we have been seeking.

The entry way to self-knowledge is through psychological insights related to personality. Psychological awareness leads to profound universal spiritual awakening. Sacred psychology, the integration of psychology and spirituality, keeps us grounded in the Present while simultaneously acknowledging the mysteries of life.

Through the Enneagram, we can come home to ourselves, to our Essential and Eternal Nature.