The Symbol

As an integrated system for psychological maturation and spiritual development, the Enneagram has its roots in contemporary psychological understandings and ancient wisdom shared by diverse spiritual traditions. Its teachings are reflected in recent neuroscience research and in the fields of emotional and spiritual intelligence and the study of consciousness.

The Enneagram symbol itself is ancient. Nine points are delineated along a circle, each point connected to other points by lines, indicating a dynamic flow and interrelationship among the points which reflects the change inherent in life.

Each point represents a particular personality type (orientation) with its own internal blueprint, inner commentary, and perception of self and of the external world. Each point also represents a specific connection to that which is still, spacious and eternal within-that which is beyond the limitations of the personality.

The next steps to discovering your dominant orientation to life include obtaining the Deep Living book or meeting with a coach who can guide you.

Through the Enneagram, we can come home to ourselves, to our Essential and Eternal Nature.