Deep Living Circles of Practice

Engaging in the Practice of Deep Living 

Roxanne Howe-Murphy’s Deep Living book, and the institute’s courses and retreats offer abundant material and processes to support your transformative journey.  Like many others, you may find it essential to have an ongoing and intimate community of trusted fellow travelers to open up with, learn from, enjoy mutual support with, and to help integrate your experiences.

Here is the place to do just that… to have your inner practice deeply supported. We invite you to “gather around the fire,” a safe place to go below the surface of life –to dive underneath the ideas, feelings and stories that distance you from yourself.  Here you have the opportunity to create a new and real relationship with yourself and to be yourself in the company of others who are also doing the big work of being themselves in a world that often just doesn’t make sense.

Deep Living Circles of Practice are welcoming and  lovingly and skillfully facilitated by members of the Keepers of the Fire team.
Examples of our varied  experiential processes include:

  • engaging in honest inquiry and intimate sharing
  • experiencing and recognizing your own deeper intelligence arising organically                    
  • being met with non-judgment and appreciation
  • practicing presence
  • gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and your environment through exploring underlying dynamics of the Enneagram which we use as a vehicle for personal and global healing, increasing consciousness, and experiencing greater inner freedom.
  • engaging in somatic work
  • using music and poetry to illuminate hidden wisdom

We typically use a circle process, used since ancient times to deepen a sense of belonging and community, gain new perspectives and experience a greater connection to Source.

The fundamental qualities of curiosity, compassion, willingness to be honest and trust of your unique journey are each crucial to the journey of real personal transformation. Our Deep Living facilitators who have been studying and working with Roxanne for years, model and support these presence-based qualities, and encourage you to practice and embody them.

Find a Deep Living Circle of Practice Series that best fits you!

We offer in-person and virtual circle series that you can join wherever you live.

Most of our circle offerings schedule 4-6 sessions, meeting regularly with each session being one and a half to two hours long. Often, participants want to continue meeting in their circles, and follow-up series can be scheduled with your circle facilitator. One of our circles has been meeting for years, scheduling a new series twice a year.

All of our circles are based on the same principles of Deep Living, and thus intertwined. Your circle is part of a larger community of circle members, and of the DLI’s team own circle.

Please come back soon – to see our upcoming Deep Living Circles of Practice Schedule starting in September 2018.

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