Beyond Duality: Embracing Your Humanity



Beyond Duality:
Embracing Your Humanity and the Profound Mystery of Being
with Roxanne Howe-Murphy, EdD

April 24-26 , 2015
at the Mercy Center, Burlingame, CA
Begins 6 p.m., Friday with dinner
Concludes Sunday after lunch
$265 overnight/$225 commuter

Paradox lies at the very heart of the spiritual journey. It is always present, though we only become truly aware of it when we are present. When worked with consciously, it opens us up, works our edges, challenges our attachments, and serves as an avenue for healing and inner freedom.

Many of us feel the tug of seemingly opposing energies within–both drawn to express the qualities of our higher spiritual nature and finding that we sometimes act and react in familiar and troubling ways that decrease our sense of connectedness, open-heartedness and love. The sense of an internal split between your human nature and the deep, authentic mystery of your own Beingness is painful and can easily lead to a false conclusion that experiencing the sacred within cannot really be experienced now, in day-to-day life. The ‘either/or’ split, the sense of separation from oneself and from others is so common in consciousness that it feels like this is what life has to offer.

Holding what appears to be opposites in our lives is a deep and evolutionary capacity that calls upon and ignites the heart. The Enneagram offers a powerful map that shows us one of the ultimate paradoxes: that the personality structure creates a trance of duality that takes us in exactly the opposite direction from our deepest nature..

In this presence-based retreat, Roxanne will offer brief talks and extensive experiential work, including individual exploration, partner inquiry, somatic work, meditation, and group dialogue. We will work with the EnneaCross©. Recently discovered by Roxanne with colleague, Diana Redmond, it is the integration of two powerful ancient symbols used for centuries to reflect the spiritual journey of paradox that is asked of humans.

Ultimately, this work supports the primacy of love, compassion and awe of the mystery of Being.