Beyond Duality: Living the Mystery as a Human

Deep Living

Beyond Duality:
Living the Mystery as a Human

with Roxanne Howe-Murphy,  EdD

April 1-3, 2016
at the Mercy Center, Burlingame, CA
Begins 6 p.m., Friday with dinner
Concludes Sunday after lunch
$275 overnight/$235 commuter

Spirit is at work. The wide-spread yearning for experiencing the profound mystery of Being will not be denied. How affirming to realize that this desire would not exist if we did not have some inner knowing of the Mystery already. Yet, the dynamic of wanting to know this authentic connection within can seem at odds with the egoic tendency to ‘think’ we have to wait for the perfect circumstances or somehow pull this off on our own.

In this retreat, we embrace and expand beyond the wisdom of the traditional approach to the Enneagram-a framework which both illuminates specific ways the ego stands in opposition to the authentic mystery of our Beingness; and points to the truth of our Essential Nature. The EnneaCross©, the integration of two powerful ancient symbols that reflect the spiritual journey, points to deeply held dimensions of the ego that keep us stuck in the sense of separateness. The EnneaCross© also invites us to open to dynamics that support our unfolding. Our time together is intended to bring forth new awareness, and to call upon your deep and evolutionary capacity for ‘turning over what is not yours’ and allowing what wants to come forward as a portal into Union and Being.

In sharing this emerging work, Roxanne will offer brief talks and extensive experiential practice. Our sessions will include individual reflection, partner inquiry, somatic discovery, silence, and group dialogue.

Ultimately, this work supports the primacy of love, compassion, and awe of the mystery of Being.