Changing Your Relationship with the Inner Critic


Changing Your Relationship with the Inner Critic Changes your Relationship with Life

Beyond our knowledge of the Enneagram lies the invitation to use this powerful body of wisdom in practical ways that impact the quality of our lives, our health and happiness. At the core of our day to day experience and how we engage with our spiritual journey is this very basic phenomena which often lives underneath our consciousness—our relationship to ourselves. This relationship includes what we think about ourselves and the stories we carry in our mental, emotional, somatic and energetic bodies. The relationship we have with ourselves is reflected in the moment-to-moment decisions we make.

There’s no question. How each of us experiences ourselves is related intimately to the amount of internal life space the Inner Critic/Superego takes! It is one of the most pivotal, dominant, and, when uninterrupted, most potentially damaging aspects of the personality structure. While it can show up under any and all circumstances in life, the Inner Critic becomes particularly activated and accelerated when an individual is on the path of deepened understanding, and real change and growth.

In this workshop, we’ll explore many dimensions of the Inner Critic and its roles both within type and across Enneagram type to refine your awareness of the often surprising ways in which it manifests and impacts you. Using brief talks, individual exploration, deep partner inquiry, somatic work, Gestalt exercises and group dialogue, we’ll explore robust processes and practices for unhooking from the power of the Inner Critic.

When the relationship to the Inner Critic is changed, there is more room for your authentic nature to reveal itself. With rest and freedom from repetitious mental, emotional and somatic stories that present as obstacles, you have more room for what your soul and heart are dying to express and experience. You’ll discover that working with the Inner Critic offers a potent and dynamic portal for healing, for living with more joy, experiencing less stress and enjoying more poignancy in your relationships. Ultimately, this work supports the primacy of love and compassion in the world.