Transforming Your Relationship to the Inner Critic

Deep Living

Inner Critic:
Transforming Your Relationship to the Inner Critic Transforms Your Relationship to Life

with Roxanne Howe-Murphy, EdD

March 1-3, 2018
at the Mercy Center, Burlingame, CA
Begins 6 p.m., Thursday with dinner
Concludes Saturday after lunch
$300 overnight/$255 commuter

Being a human is no easy undertaking. At the core of our life experience is a very basic, and often unexamined dynamic which lives underneath our consciousness – our relationship to ourselves. This relationship includes how we ‘hold’ ourselves and the ideas and beliefs carried in our mental, emotional, somatic and energetic bodies, which we can easily take as ‘truth.’

There’s no question that how we experience the full gamut of our humanity is related intimately to the amount of internal life space the Inner Critic/Superego takes. When left uninterrupted, it is one of the most dominant, and life-dampening and damaging aspects of the personality structure. More than ever, we are called to change our relationship to it. Unearthing the unconscious ways we feed it and keep it alive, we discover that the inner critic also can become a vehicle for awakening, leading us to a change in our hearts and consciousness. Deeper truths arise as our hearts heal and we embrace our inner knowing.

In this experiential retreat, practice discerning between the inner critic and inner authority; sinking into your heart; and engaging in deep living practices that support you in allowing and integrating a fuller range of your nature. With insights from the Enneagram and EnneaCross™, the retreat includes brief talks, somatic exercises, meditation, and individual and partner inquiry, all held in spaciousness.

Ultimately, this work supports the primacy of Love and Compassion in your life and in the world.

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Notes from past DL Mercy Retreatants:

Any interaction with Roxanne Howe-Murphy leaves one changed… She creates a container of safety and support that allows each participant to explore who they are with compassion, wit and warmth. What is compelling about Roxanne is she continues learning on her own path and willingly shares what she sees. I found her latest thinking on the EnneaCross™ to be profound in its insights and as a guide—I felt as if she was revealing yet another mystery of the Enneagram and with a generous spirit deeply engaged us in the discovery and learning…..Her wisdom, integrity and authenticity seem to be like breathing to her. I have already marked the dates of her next retreat as something shifted in me and now awake, I do not want to fall asleep again.

Teresa Roche, PhD
High Tech Exec (and more!)

The Mercy Retreat led by Roxanne has become my annual spring ritual. This year Roxanne revealed the EnneaCross™, a profound and radical way to understand ourselves and the veils that keep us from recognizing our True nature. I left the weekend with an inward focus that has allowed me to be conscious to the paradoxes that present themselves in my daily life. The teaching and personal explorations that were shared with others in the group were life-changing. As I practice and remember to come back to the present moment and to life’s experiences, I can be open to the Mystery that can only be known by surrendering to life. This is deep, practical and sacred work that is sure to change anyone who is ready to live with purpose.

Irma Velasquez
Nonprofit consultant and Certified Deep Coaching coach