Coming Back to Presence Through Our Bodies
September 3, 2020
Thanksgiving and the Dimensions of Gratitude
November 25, 2020

A Little Bit of Light

This is a challenging time.  There is a lot happening.  Social discord, continuing pandemic concerns, and the outcome of the US election (impacting every nation on earth) are all converging in this moment.  Our individual and collective foundation is no longer as solid as we may have thought.

But something else is available in this moment, as well. You. Us. Presence. When we meet ourselves right here where we are, breathing, bringing attention to our center, to our deeper inner nature, and to that which supports us, then we have a place to land.  Here, in this moment, you might experience an area of stillness, some spaciousness. You might experience the sacredness of the present moment.  

While it can be difficult to pull our attention away from the frenetic, anxiety-ridden activities around us, we can remember to consciously refocus our attention on the breath, hold ourselves tenderly, stay anchored, and honor our hearts. We can then see more clearly and remember who we really are—spacious beings living in an interconnected universe. Even in the midst of darkness, there is light.  Scientists and mystics have long known that every cell in our body contains a point of light.  In this important time, honor your own light and the life force moving within you.

Now, as a little gift for you, this gentle and spacious meditation guided by DLI coach and facilitator, Pam Johnson, invites you to settle in and meet yourself in this precious moment.

We are breathing with you, honoring the light within us all.


Roxanne and DLI Team

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