Why Deep Living?

Offering Spiritual and Life Practice for being at home in yourself and at ease in the world.

The soul knows what is best for the individual’s journey. At every turn,  we are invited to learn to discover the soul’s signals,  listen to and allow them, and follow the courageous path of taking the next step into our own authentic nature. It is then that we begin to feel at home in ourselves….and at ease in the world.

Deep Living points us back to our inner knowing. Founded by Dr. Roxanne Howe-Murphy, the Deep Living Lab (formerly Deep Living Institute) offers a radically compassionate approach for true self-recognition, deepening and a profound relationship to the inner truth.

Grounded in the wisdom of the Enneagram and the power of presence, our experienced faculty, mentors and coaches offer dynamic individual and group coaching, courses, retreats, publications, and community engagement to support nine profound and distinctive pathways to inner authority, fulfillment and peace in daily living.

Our great vision is a world of people living with less judgment, more compassion and in relationship with their deeper intelligence. Individually and collectively, members of our community–Deep Living practitioners– are building this evolutionary human capacity for themselves and for global healing. Together, we are awakening.

The Deep Living Approach™

The Deep Living Approach integrates four key elements to help you experience a deeper connection to your true nature:

  1.  The Enneagram as a body of wisdom:

The Enneagram is an ancient and profound body of wisdom and a vehicle for developing a new relationship with yourself based upon compassion and acceptance.

It reveals major patterns that exist in life-some of which are beautiful and fundamental expressions of a creative universe, and some of which become troublesome in our lives. For its use to have maximum benefit, it’s helpful to identify your dominant Enneagram type or to at least narrow the types that have most familiarity in your own experience to two or three possibilities.

Our Enneagram Typing Sessions can help you in discovering more about yourself.

  1. The Deep Living orientation:

Deep Living offers an orientation that is beyond self-help or self-improvement. In truth, our perspective leads toward less self as we have come to know it and instead leans more toward an expanded sense of being and into the mystery of life. Our orientation is anchored in the here and now, and in your direct experience of life.

Fundamental to our Deep Living orientation is that there is nothing wrong with you. This principle begins to take root and feel real as your understanding of how the personality works and its relationship to your true nature grows.

The Enneagram beautifully illuminates the relationship between the personality and true nature, and it leaves you with a better grasp of the fullness of your nature. The power of love and radical compassion for the full spectrum of the human experience-of your human experience– has no parallel.

This principle-that there is nothing wrong with you-affects how we think about the change process.

It’s a foreign, if not radical idea: that, if there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with you, you do not need to do something to fix yourself. The Western way of thinking generally favors the active perspective, that is, taking action to make things different.

In Deep Living, rather than identifying with what we think is wrong with us, we’re guided to create a new orientation to ourselves. When our approach to ourselves changes, and we gain a new perspective on the change process itself, something important happens in our consciousness-we open and expand, and this becomes the basis for a new relationship to yourself and everything that matters to you.

  1. A set of practical tools that can be used in everyday life:

Deep Living offers many tools for supporting the new orientation to yourself, which ultimately will impact your orientation to others, and to life itself.

Many of these tools can be found in Deep Living with the Enneagram: Recovering Your True Nature, Revised and Updated.

Our Deep Living Courses and coaching opportunities offer more in-depth opportunities for bringing these vital tools and practices into your everyday life.

  1. Processes for advanced healing and awakening:

Deep Living is founded on developing the capacity for presence, that is, for being in contact with the moment-to-moment experience happening in reality. We generally are unaware that we’re not present, for when we see the world through the lens of our personality, that perception often gets mistaken for being present.

Roxanne Howe-Murphy and our Deep Living team members, by virtue of their in-depth personal work and professional training, are steeped in presence-based work, and take a stand for the healing and awakening power of presence in life.

These four key elements, when woven together in life practice, naturally lead to redefining your relationships to most everything that has meaning in your life and, subsequently, to transform those relationships.

Excerpted and adapted from the Introduction, Deep Living: Transforming Your Relationship to Everything That Matters Through the Enneagram, 2013

The Deep Living Community

Spiritual awakening is typically not a solo experience. We are supported in awakening by the presence of others who share a common understanding and language, appreciate and honor differences in the spectrum of the human experience and are committed to honest and compassionate inquiry.

In this community, you’ll find a safe place for

  • creating a deeper connection with yourself
  • experiencing a gathering of real human beings
  • affirming and supporting a consistent and non-dogmatic life & spiritual practice
  • creating connections, conversations and inquiries with other seekers
  • experiencing Love.