Deep Living Team

Liz Vanderwerff

Co-Executive Director

As Co-executive Director, I will be primarily focused on actualizing the mission of Deep Living Lab by helping the organization consciously grow and structure itself to reach a diversity of more courageous individuals who are exploring their own path to their truest selves. Over the last 13 years, I have served in key roles at several visionary non-profits including the Center for Healthy Minds, Healthy Minds Innovations, and Usona Institute, who are collectively advancing our understanding of mental health and wellbeing, exploring bold new ways to deepen consciousness, and offer relief from suffering.

Barbara Mathison

Co-Executive Director

It is with deep gratitude that I join the Deep Living Lab (DLL) team, focusing on the visioning and strategic planning process. In the last 30-plus years, my executive director positions focused on transforming patient care delivery systems in the areas of women’s health, oncology, and integrative medicine. I also worked to scale the neuroscience findings at the Center for Healthy Minds and, most recently, at Usona Institute, focused on moving psilocybin through the FDA process. These experiences required leading change through collective wisdom versus a top-down approach. Through deep listening, strategic analysis, building trust, and creating new organizational structures to support vision, I led teams through major growth, financial sustainability, improved clinical outcomes, and more human and compassionate experiences. I am also honored to serve on the Board of Directors for Well-being and Equity (WE) in the World, assisting in their strategic visioning and implementation.

Irma Velasquez

Board Co-Chair

As mother, educator, nonprofit leader, artist and life coach, I’ve come to be passionate about exploring the common threads that  connects us to each other, to ourselves and to our communities. Building the capacity for presence has been at the core of my work for the past eighteen years. This practice has guided as a parent of a special needs young man and a leader in education field. It’s a unique privilege to coach parents with similar experiences, as this has become the focus of my coaching practice. I value power of collectively sharing our inner experience with others as a way to heal ourselves and our world.

Marcia Hyatt

Board Member

Marcia Hyatt is a professionally certified coach leadership and life coach. She is also certified as a professional enneagram teacher. With experience as a leader in corporate, government and non-profits, she has facilitated leadership development over 30 years. Marcia is the creator and host of the weekly WTIP radio feature “The Best of Ourselves.” Marcia co-founded the Center for Emerging Leadership in 1995 and its Women’s Leadership Community, an intentional learning community that supports women in bringing their whole selves into the world. In 2011, she published, What Have I Mythed? Stories for Reflection. Between 2014-2016, she was voted as Minnesota’s favorite coach by Minnesota Women’s Press readers.

Devon Carter

Devon is a Life Leadership Coach who works with individuals, teams, groups and parents. She specializes in a presence based approach to embodied leadership principals drawing from an eclectic background. Devon is accredited by the International Coaching Federation. She is a Certified Deep Coaching Professional through the Deep Coaching Institute. She is a Leadership Embodiment Associate Professional through Embodiment International. She is also a graduate of the Core Strengths Positive Psychology Coaching program at San Francisco State University. Additionally she has 35+ years of training and experience as a Somatic Therapist and teacher. Devon is known for her ability to synergize her diverse background into an individualized, action oriented approach, guiding her clients toward maximizing positive change both personally and professionally.

Laurie Cummins

Laurie was born with a desire for deep connection and has long been a spiritual seeker.  In 2015, she encountered a psycho-spiritual model she recognized as a remarkable instrument for inner and collective peace—The Enneagram.  This moment of clarity was so dramatic, in fact, that she would later refer to “life before” and “life after” the Enneagram. Laurie immersed herself in the study of it and learned to connect with quiet mind, true heart, and somatic wisdom.

Further exploration led her to the Deep Coaching Institute, where she became a certified deep coach.  With the goal of bringing the Enneagram and Deep Living principles to others, Laurie now offers typing services and leads an Enneagram circle in her hometown of Iowa City, IA.

She also combines her passion for these ideas with her fondness for writing and editing to spread a simple message: Boundless love is powerful beyond our wildest imaginations.

Lara Heller

My love for depth, connection and the truth led me to become a Life Coach. In this work I have had the honor of exploring with others the deepest questions we dare to ask – Who am I? What is my deepest truth? What am I meant to be doing with my one, precious life?

My early studies in psychology and appreciation of teaching led me to become an elementary school teacher, which I left in order to raise my two children (a spiritual path of its own). Becoming a parent made it evident that many skills are necessary in order to develop wholeness and grow into our full potential. It inspired me to study many different schools of wisdom including Buddhist practice and perspective, the teachings of the Diamond Heart School, Somatic Experiencing and Trauma and everyday mindfulness.  The knowledge embedded in these schools of thought has naturally been incorporated into my coaching.

Becoming a Deep Coaching Practitioner has allowed me to integrate my love for the profound wisdom of the Enneagram with my passion for Life Coaching.  Working with the Enneagram has had great impact on my own life and relationships, and I hope to inspire others to delve into and make use of this precious resource, which can lead each of us home.

These personal experiences and explorations made coaching a natural path for me.  My trainings and certifications include the Deep Coaching Institute (DCI), International Coach Federation (ICF), International Enneagram Association (IEA) and Co-Active Coach Training Institute (CTI).

Pam Johnson

Spiritual Coaching is my passion, joy and Soul’s Life Purpose.

Pamela has been a Spiritual Coach for over 10 years with certifications from DCI – Deep Coaching Institute and CMED – Caroline Myss Educational Institute. She also has a certification from Enneagram Worldwide and is a “Fire Keeper” for DLI – Deep Living Lab (formerly Deep Living Institute).  My Soul Path Guidance™ approach results in your ownership of the insight and courage required to answer your Soul’s calling.

 I work effectively along a person’s SoulPATH™ — the intersection of where Ego + Soul meet

This intersection is symbolized through The Enneagram and Soul Archetypes or Soul Contracts. The distinctive journey I guide you along is yours alone. It is deep, personal work activating awakened + alive access to your whole self.  I personally experienced this awakening to and journey through the intersection when I started on my personal Soul Counseling path. I did and continue to do this work for myself.  It’s become a way of being for me and it will for you too.

In working together you will feel seen, held in compassion and deeply understood as together we identify and manage both light and shadow aspects of your being. You will be empowered and learn to do this for yourself. I teach that your shadow is not to be discarded but celebrated because it points directly to your light.  

Your PRESENCE and inner space will expand. As wisdom enters, motivations behind your processing of thought into words and action illuminate. You’ll come to own the healthful side of your sovereign power, thereby constantly strengthening your inner compass. It’s a profound journey. I promise it can be a healing one.

Moira Mccaskill

In my coaching practice, Enneagram teaching and Circle facilitation, I work with mature adults who want to keep growing in self-awareness and presence.

The thread in my life and work has been my love of peace, healing relationships and conflict transformation. Moving from being a labour lawyer for more than 20 years, to a community based mediator and workplace conflict consultant, to becoming a Deep Coaching practitioner, has been a journey of deepening my understanding of human consciousness and the power of presence. I love to create and be in the mystery of “the field beyond right and wrong” (Rumi). My most recent work is to apply these ideas to healing across generations.

I am trained and certified by the Coaches Training Institute as well as the Deep Coaching Institute. I completed the Enneagram Institute training program and have studied the Enneagram extensively.

Brian Mitchell-Walker

Brian considers himself, like all of his clients, as a complex human being where only parts of who he is show in any given moment.  In his past, Brian would describe how he would forget or bury many different aspects about himself when trying to emphasize the skills that were needed at that time.  After extensive training with Don Riso and Russ Hudson of the Enneagram Institute, Andrea Isaacs of EnneaMotions and the congoing work with the Deep Coaching Institute, Brian now operates with the belief that the more in touch he is in the moment – that it enriches not only the skills he brings but also what can arise to enhance the moment.  So although Brian brings much more, these are the aspects that he brings to this work. 

Jean Blomo

Operations and Project Manager

Jean helps keep Deep Living Lab organized and functioning, while learning and growing into her own role as a coach and facilitator. After working as a certified personal trainer for 10 years, Jean completed her Certified Deep Coaching Professional with DCI and is expanding her coaching practice into personal and professional development.