Welcome to Deep Living Lab 

Deep Living. Perhaps those words sound intriguing; perhaps you are wondering what they mean. How is living deeply different from everyday life?

Many people who discover Deep Living Lab are:  

  • Learning about or deepening their understanding of the Enneagram.
  • On a healing journey or spiritual path.
  • Curious to hear more about the EnneaCrossings™ after a workshop or talk with author Roxanne Howe-Murphy.

The Deep Living Approach: There is Nothing to Fix

Instead of a fix-it approach (fixing ourselves, each other, and  situations), Deep Living Lab offers a unique way of both knowing ourselves and being in the world. This approach involves:

  • Accessing our innate, deep intelligence, which gives us an expanded sense of self.
  • Cultivating inner receptivity, compassion, curiosity, and acceptance of true nature. 
  • Engaging with presence in relationships, community, and at work.

This alternative path leads to real choice and a sense of inner freedom.

Create a New Relationship with Yourself

Embrace five qualities that will support you on your journey toward developing real choice.

The Deep Living Approach to the Enneagram

The Enneagram is a revealing map of the human condition bringing self-awareness and a more complete understanding of how other people approach life. Deep Living Lab harnesses this wisdom as a pathway to our individual and collective healing.

Go deeper with Roxanne Howe-Murphy’s Deep Living with the Enneagram: Recovering Your True Nature.

A Presence-Based Orientation

The Deep Living approach sees presence as direct contact with a grounded belly, open heart, and clear, quiet mind. With presence, you can hear your inner wisdom and discover who you really are, beyond your personality and beyond your Enneagram type.

Connect with the Deep Living Community

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