Offering Spiritual and Life Practice for being at home in yourself and at ease in the world.

Welcome to the Deep Living Lab (formerly Deep Living Institute)

Your soul knows what is best for your personal journey. At every turn, you are invited to discover the signals of your inner knowing, learn what messages they give you, allow for inner healing, and follow the courageous path of taking the next step toward the highest levels of living your true nature through embodied presence.   It is then that you begin to feel at home in yourself…. and at ease in the world.

Deep Living guides you to a deep and real  inner experience of truth and connectedness, and to trusting and honoring the unique journey that you are on.   Our experienced team offers a radically compassionate approach to embodying your essential nature .

We offer dynamic entryways, grounded in the wisdom of the Enneagram and the power of presence, for you to explore.      

Our great vision is a world of people living with less judgment, more compassion and in relationship with their deeper intelligence. Individually and collectively, members of our community–Deep Living practitioners– are building this evolutionary human capacity for themselves and for global healing. Together, we are awakening.