The Deep Living Approach

Transformative inquiries and practices that expand our capacity for Engaged Presence. 

Engaged Presence is being with our full experience beyond our ideas, beliefs, and ego. We feel it when our interior essence aligns with our exterior actions and expressions. With an open and compassionate heart, we are attuned to our authentic sense of belonging, inner guidance, and agency. 

The Deep Living Approach is a deeply spiritual application of the Enneagram and EnneaCrossings. It draws on more than 30 years of writing, teaching, and coaching by our founder, Dr. Roxanne Howe-Murphy. To learn more about her evolving work, visit her website.

Practice in Community

Our offerings guide us back to our direct, felt experience and honor the body, heart, and clear mind’s wisdom. In a community of fellow explorers, we ask potent questions, create moments of pause, and listen to our full intelligence within the stillness. 

Together, we explore…

  • Essential Holding: the internally-sourced experience of security, belonging, and love. We recognize there is nothing to fix; we stop searching and experience ourselves and see others as they truly are. 
  • Essential Trust: trusting our life journey and sources of deep wisdom beyond our conceptual knowing. With expanded perceptions, we meet the unknown with confidence and wonder.
  • Essential Connectedness: knowing we are in sacred relationship with all of life: humanity, the earth, and our truth. We embrace our whole selves, including the parts we may internally “fight with.”  
  • Engaged Presence: being with our full experience beyond our ideas, beliefs, and ego. We take inspired action, resting in the knowing of what is ours to do.

When we expand our capacity for engaged presence, we create ripples that radiate beyond ourselves. Our way of “being”  reverberates through our clients and relationships, bending the arc in a universal movement toward wholeness and interconnectedness.

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