Deep Living Dialogues

Summer Break July and August 2023

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What is a Deep Living Dialogue?

Deep Living Dialogues are one hour virtual gatherings where we explore a specific topic that relates to presence and living deeply.

We encourage participants to leave their cameras on and engage in conversation, letting curiosity take a front seat.

Some of our past topics include:

  • Is Your Inner Critic Running the Show?
  • Are We Accessing Our Full Intelligence and Potential?
  • Embodying Resilience.
  • Connect with Your True Nature Through Gratitude.
  • What’s Wrong with Replacing ‘Bad’ Habits with ‘Good’ Ones?
  • Finite Meets Infinite.

Dialogues typically include a short grounding practice and a brief teaching; then we share, ask questions, and explore the topic.

We hope to see you at an upcoming Deep Living Dialogue!

-Deep Living Lab Team