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March 8, 2021
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April 13, 2021

Deep Living Institute Is Now Deep Living Lab

To Our Deep Living Community,

For many years, we as coaches, teachers, facilitators, and authors have learned together under the umbrella of The Deep Living Institute.  With careful reflection, we recognize that we have evolved into a collective of soul pioneers.  Continuing to explore and discover new territory, we consciously practice bringing our inner spiritual development into our lived experience. To mark this evolution, we are changing our name to Deep Living Lab.

Deep Living Lab is:

  • Grounded in the principles of presence, with the Enneagram and EnneaCrossings™ as guiding bodies of wisdom.
  • Steeped in the energy of the deep feminine to nourish, refresh, and renew thirsty souls.
  • Committed to journeying together through the known and unknown, staying open to the mystery of who we are and the mysteries that come with being present.

Deep Living Lab is a container in which we may enter our soul work more deeply.  We recognize the dynamic exploratory process involved in helping us see what is no longer true for us and no longer serves the individual and collective good.  It is soul-nourishing to compassionately uncover what supports the movement toward knowing ourselves and reality. 

Deep Living Lab is also a place for individuals on their own paths to come together.  It is a catalyst for our individual and collective awakenings.

Change has always been a part of life, and this unprecedented amount of change is not likely to go away.  It is the new normal, and it comes with many unknowns. Something new is being asked of us.  Deep Living Lab is part of the shift toward greater consciousness. 

In future announcements, watch for our blog series that follows the creation story of the Deep Living Lab.

Are you a Soul Pioneer?
We invite you to explore your own lab right now: 

  • Describe the new territory you are (re)discovering within yourself.
  • What is stirring in you as you notice your thoughts, your heart, your sensations?

We would love to hear your exploration around these questions send us an email. We will read and respond to every response.

Deep love,
Deep Living Lab Team

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