EnneaCrossingings™ consists of the integration of two powerful and ancient symbols that reflect the spiritual journey and transformation.   

The Enneagram is a framework that  both illuminates specific ways nine versions of the ego structure stand in opposition to the authentic mystery of our Beingness; and points to the truth of our Essential Nature.

The cross is a cross-cultural archetype that represents the intersection of our finite and infinite natures.  The horizontal line represents personality, time as a linear experience (past, present and future), and the material aspects of life. The vertical line represents the Infinite, the Eternal Now, and the Embodiment of Being. The intersection of the two dimensions brings together the human and divine Heart, the source of transformation and non-dual living. 

EnneaCrossings™ , in development over the last 6 years, is a dynamic matrix bringing together these two powerful ancient symbols of conscious awakening. This integrated symbol reveals something new and universal for our spiritual journey.  The intersecting of the vertical, Infinite dimension with our horizontal, Finite nature brings into focus the great tasks asked of we humans and provides keys to engaging in robust inner work.

NOTE: Roxanne and her colleague, Diana Redmond, discovered the symbol they called the EnneaCross ™ in 2012 while preparing to deliver a session at the International Enneagram Conference. With further study, it has evolved into EnneaCrossings™.

Roxanne’s retreat series called “Beyond Duality” are based  EnneaCrossings™.

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