The Deep Living Approach to the Enneagram

There’s more to the Enneagram than You Might Think

“As I engage in this work, and in meaningful and impactful programs such as the Deep Living, I have come to realize that the Enneagram is not a self-improvement project as I originally thought, but a practice in self acceptance.  Thank you”

Kathleen C. – Deep Living Retreat participant

We Have a Unique Approach to Change and Transformation

And it’s a breath of fresh air.    

Life is rich, unpredictable, sometimes hard, sometimes joyful, sometimes overwhelming or scary—it gives us a full-range of experiences.  Frankly, it’s messy.  How do you cope with this messiness?   Have you wondered, ‘What is going on?  I have no idea what I’m supposed to do!’ Or, perhaps, ’whatever I’m doing just isn’t working.’   The truth is that none of us came into this world consciously knowing how to be here.

Ours is a completely unique way of knowing ourselves and being in the world.  We call it a counter-intuitive approach because it calls forth the qualities of inner receptivity, compassion, curiosity, and acceptance of your very nature.   These qualities support you in increasing access to your innate, deeper intelligence and gives you a different, expanded sense of self.

One of the several reasons that the DL approach is counter-intuitive is that these are qualities of the deep feminine, that though available within all, have not been nurtured in contemporary society for men or women.  Individually and collectively, we’re paying the price for that.  

There’s Nothing to Fix

The Deep Living approach to the Enneagram is based on a foundational principle that there is “nothing to fix.”   

When many people read about the Enneagram and discover their “type,” they look at it as self-improvement project, much like many self-help books on the market.    With this comes a “fix” ourselves mentality with one of the three following approaches:

  1. The add-to approach
  2. The getting-rid-of-something approach
  3. The trying to transcend what’s happening in the here and now

Self- acceptance refers not only to acknowledging one’s Enneagram dominant personality with compassion, but an acceptance of all that we are when connected to our deeper intelligence of the sensory experience of our body, the receptive and authentic qualities of our heart and the spaciousness and wisdom of our quiet mind.  It also includes the acceptance of one’s undeniable essential, eternal nature.   Real acceptance may sound easy, but we all know that it is not.

“In Deep Living, rather than identifying with what we think is wrong with us, we’re guided to create a new orientation.  When our approach to ourselves changes, and we gain a new perspective on the change process itself, something important happens in our consciousness – and this becomes the basis for a new relationship to ourselves and everything that matters to us.” (R. Howe-Murphy, "Deep Living:  Transforming Our Relationship to Everything That Matters through the Enneagram, p. xxv “)

Living with Paradox

“Deep Living illuminates the stunning and paradoxical mechanisms through which the personality unconsciously takes each of us in exactly the opposite direction of our deepest nature.”

It’s almost impossible to see ourselves from inside our little bubbles of reality.  Discover the Deep Living “Inner Triangle of Identity” which depicts that which we have taken to be ourselves is actually breaking our hearts and our spirits.  There is a unique triangle for each of the nine Enneagram ‘types’ which point to the seemingly unresolvable and universal experience of the inner divide.  (This is what makes us think we need to be fixed.)

A fundamental paradox that Deep Living addresses is the recognition that both the human condition and spiritual nature are present in each of us.   Embracing this primary paradox yields new possibilities and deeply transformative experiences.

Providing a Safe Environment with Ongoing Support

The process of coming into a transformed relationship with yourself (and everything else) requires nurturance, curiosity, compassion and courage, truth and trust, wise guidance and realness and vulnerability, meeting you with where you are. 

When any of us feels deeply seen without judgment, we dare to utter the truth as we’ve experienced it, opening the door to a new level of freedom.  Our personally and professionally experienced team members serve as guides and companions on this journey.  We support you as a member of our community to travel into your inner territory with the knowledge and safety that you are not alone. 

We offer a sense of belonging to a community and being part of a movement that is a powerful force for positive change and love in the world.

The Enneagram Is a Map of Love

The world and nearly everyone in it is suffering because of a lack of Love and Compassion.  Our hallmark is that each one in our community (and beyond) is met with respect, honoring the individual journey, compassion, and acceptance. These qualities and energies are the ultimate source of healing and allow for the release of inner barriers to give rise to a more expansive way of being.

Fundamentally, the Deep Living approach is about Love and Compassion.