The Enneagram

Its Benefits

Reasons for Using the Eneagram and Some of its Benefits

  • Know Thyself: The Enneagram is the most robust system for self-knowledge that exists. It provides a radar-like lens that allows us to see our own inner (and often hidden) workings more clearly
  • To understand and have more compassion for others-those in one’s intimate circle, as well as the “unfamiliar other”
  • To step inside the inner experience of one’s children, to parent more effectively
  • To access and expand our many forms of intelligence: emotional, body, and spiritual—which allows us to respond more “intelligently” to life’s demands
  • To become more attuned to our automatic reactions and defense patterns in order to lessen their impact on ourselves and on others
  • To increase our effectiveness with colleagues/employees/customers/clients
  • To support the midlife transformation process by helping release what is no longer needed in life, and re-discovering one’s deeper knowing
  • To help us move out of an invisible box that limits our responses to life, and discover approaches to living that have not been on our personal radar
  • To become healthier-physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
  • To help us reflect on and receive insight on the Big Questions of Life, such as “Who Am I?” and “Why Am I Here?”
  • To live with more Presence
  • To experience more lightness and inner freedom.
  • To Awaken to one’s True Nature

This is an especially delicate and critical time in the history of our world. Our ability to survive in the human community on a healthy planet is dependent upon our willingness to live and relate consciously. The Enneagram helps us recognize and contribute our best gifts to the world.

The knowledge shared through the Enneagram provides the awakening that the world is seeking.

Join the growing community of people throughout the world who are

  • Deepening their self-acceptance and acceptance of others
  • Finding hope and relief from their private suffering
  • Developing more meaningful and compassionate relationships
  • Being profoundly awakened to their higher nature

We invite you to explore the offerings within the Deep Living community.

Through the Enneagram, we can come home to ourselves, to our Essential and Eternal Nature.