A Meditation to Pivot From Busyness to Stillness
January 14, 2022
Charting a Path Forward
March 1, 2022

During our recent course, The Enneagram As An Embodied Deep Living Journey, Brian Mitchell-Walker and Devon Carter led us through a variety of practices, which develop our capacity for resilience. 

By sensing into our belly, heart, and head centers, we can learn to be with all that arises, including all that feels uncomfortable. Then, when we find ourselves in a triggering situation, there’s a better chance we can lean on this practice and respond, rather than react and fall into our Enneagram patterns.

Thank you to Brian and Devon for your skillful facilitation of this transformational work, and to the students for your courageous participation.

We invite you to listen and follow along with this seven-minute Embodied Resilience Grounding Practice.

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