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November 7, 2019
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December 31, 2019

Greeting the New Decade & Meeting this New Moment

How are we holding the coming of a new decade? What makes thinking about a new decade different than meeting a new year?  How is it different than meeting each new day, each new moment? I’ve been sitting with these questions.  

The turning of a calendar page into a new year is often layered with intentions, good wishes and hopes for all to be well, and often personal goals that come with varying levels of staying power.  Of course, we sincerely want happiness and well-being for ourselves and others. We celebrate ‘making it through’ the past year and anticipate the myriad of possibilities that lie ahead.  

Have you noticed that it’s easy to become disenchanted a few weeks into a new year when life doesn’t go as planned?  When we hold an expectation (often unconscious and shaped by the ego) that it is the new year or decade itself that will make the difference in our experience, we will almost assuredly be disappointed.   Why? There’s an essential element missing —our personal level of awareness and presence.  

So let’s include this element as another way of gaining insight into what affects our experience through the passage of time with these questions:  

As this last year (e.g. linear time) passes, what is different in you? What supportive qualities are emerging?  Are you able to hold yourself with more compassion and acceptance?  

How are you engaging the enormity of your heart to allow for what is unfolding in your life? 

What supports you in disengaging from mental activities to be drawn into inner depths of your own center and to eternal Presence?                                                                                                                                    

These are big, awareness-catalyzing questions, and ones that I think we are being asked to consider in this new era.   We can benefit from the passage of time as an opportunity to become more conscious, more present. As our awareness expands, we come to know ourselves not as separate entities that are simply at the effect of life, but also as deeply centered participants in the movement of life’s creative flow toward wholeness.  When we open to the eternal present crossing into our usual experience of linear time, something within us shifts.   

Greeting a new year and new decade is not an either/or experience. We can celebrate and create intentions for the highest and best good personally and collectively, and rest in a deeper anchoring into our internal ‘hereness,’ into the roots of our being.    

With this, I wish you endless blessings and love in this season of Light and moment-after-moment of presence,


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