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February 28, 2020
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June 18, 2020

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Let Grace In

The atmosphere of our world is pregnant with anxiety, fear, and panic as we approach a new frontier in the age of Covid-19.  Hyper-focus on all that is unfolding has triggered old wounds for many while new fears are also emerging. As we find space to process what is happening, grounded-ness emerges to hold us. Internal and external work helps us to find new balance. 

One guiding light as we navigate this frontier is, “We are one.”  There is promise in moving from the “I” space into the “We” space.  Our decisions about the ordinariness of life are personal and yet the effect of them on the collective is significant. 

When we invite ourselves to deepen into the precious place where we know ourselves most intimately, we find abundant inner resources.  Surprisingly, we also find new doorways of connection with one other.  

I find it takes a clear intention of trust to step deeper into both the known and unknown parts of my interior.  Sometimes I notice the pattern of overwhelm at the thought that there are people suffering and dying, that there is nothing I can do to save them.  I am also afraid that I or someone close to me will become one of them. When these moments come, I call upon the wisdom to enter the field of grace within.  This field offers a lightness of being, a deep connection, and an abundance of love.

On that journey inward, I often encounter sadness, anger, or fear as if they are almost acquaintances. As this happens, I embrace these acquaintances on my journey toward the safety of the sacred space.  I find I’m riding in a vehicle of complete trust with the realization of how precious this life–all of life—is, and it brings me to my knees.  What I’m left with is the strength of my soul and the power of prayer.

With the acceptance that the external world as I knew it is ending and a new one is emerging, there is expansion. As I deepen into my heart, I sense each of you with me. It is through grace that I soften and let go–a little more every time I close my eyes and breathe.

The moments where I spin, where I resist going for a walk or pausing for a deep breath, are the moments where it feels like fear, anxiety, and panic are “winning.”   That is when it is crucial to turn toward grace, slowly and deeply breathing it in. This is the work that supports both the inner “I” and the global “We.”

When we find ourselves at the intersection of fear and grace, may we turn toward grace and breathe it in.


  1. Meribeth Germino says:

    lovely Pam…thank you for your wisdom…

  2. Terri Lieberman says:

    I can hear your voice and feel your heart in this piece. Thank you Pam for reminding us to choose grace.

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