Download the Zoom App

If you do not download the app, we will be unable to place you into breakout rooms for our experiential practices. Downloading and installing takes less than 3 minutes on most devices.

This lesson covers 3 topics:

  • Making the most of our live sessions
  • Getting set up on Zoom
  • Troubleshooting problems

Making the most of our live sessions

1. The Zoom room will open 15 minutes before the start time of each scheduled session.

2.  Always keep your computer/phone on mute unless you are asking a question or making a comment. .

3.  Please keep your video on. This is in order to maintain a field of presence and connection between everyone in the group.

4.  Quality of presence – We want the most favorable conditions in order to truly benefit from this way of being together. Please treat this gathering as if we were all in the same room. What this looks like:

  • Arrive early to settle.
  • Concentrate on fully being at the session. Make sure you are not distracted (close door, turn phone and other computer windows off, including email and other notifications).
  • Eat before or after the session.
  • Stay in front of your computer.
  • Mute yourself when not in exercise or Q&A.
  • On Zoom, we often only see people’s heads. We will be engaged in some somatic work during our time together. Please remember that there’s far more to you and all others on the call than the face and head. We will be reminding you, however please practice staying in contact with your belly energy, body sensations and your heart. That will support everyone on the call to do the same.

Setting Up & Using Zoom

If you’ve never used Zoom before, we recommend you download Zoom and test your camera and microphone before our first live session begins at 9am Saturday, April 25th.

Download Zoom to Your Laptop (recommended) or Tablet

Testing Your Camera and Microphone

How to Join Our Live Sessions

  • All sessions will use the same meeting link.
  • We recommend you save this link to your calendar or a notepad on your computer so you can easily join (and rejoin if you get disconnected).

Waiting Room

When you click the link to join the video conference, you’ll be temporarily placed in a “waiting room” until the host manually lets you in. We will begin opening the meeting room at 8:45 am each live day.

Using the Chat Box to Send a Direct Message

  1. While in a meeting, tap the screen to make the controls appear.
  2. Tap More, and then tap Chat .
  3. You can type your chat message and click Send, or if you want to change who it is being sent to, click the arrow next to Send to: and choose a different person or group of people.

Top Tips for Using Zoom

  • If possible, hard-wire your computer into the internet, using an ethernet cable running from your laptop to your modem. If that’s not possible, sit as close as possible to your wireless router to maximize bandwidth
  • Toggle between Speaker View to view the speaker in a large frame and versus Gallery View to see all participants at the same time (upper right corner)
  • Click the camera icon in the lower left corner to turn it on and off
  • Use the chat box to communicate to the group and to an individual participant (bottom toolbar – “Participants” button – opens sidebar with chat box at bottom)


Please read through these and if you still have problems, contact:  Jean Blomo –

Or, during the meeting, you can send a private chat to Jean Blomo

Stuck in the waiting room

  • If the call time has started and you’re still in the waiting room, please try logging off and logging back in (lower right corner – Leave Meeting button in red)
  • Still stuck in the waiting room when you return? email Jean

Audio Issues (you can’t hear us or we can’t hear you)

  • Check you volume
  • Click the up arrow next to the microphone icon (lower left), open and check your audio settings
  • Leave meeting and log back in

Combine audio and video on different devices:

  1. Click on the up arrow on the right of the “Mute” button on the bottom left of your ZOOM window.
  2. Click on “Switch to Phone Audio.”
  3. This will open a new window with instructions. Select the country from which you are phoning. A list of phone numbers will be provided.
  4. Select a phone number and dial from your phone.
  5. You will be prompted by the virtual operator to enter your meeting number and your participant ID that are located at the bottom of the window.
  6. You will then be connected to the meeting via your phone. A message will appear on your screen (if you are still maintaining video connection) to the effect that “You are using your phone for this meeting” (for audio).
  7. If you disconnect your phone, a new message will appear on your screen to the effect that “You are using your computer” (for audio).

Video is frozen

  • If we tell you your video is frozen, try turning your camera off then on again, then try leaving and logging back into meeting.
  • If you see one participant’s video freezing – that’s an issue from their end.
  • If you see Roxanne’s video freezing, await instructions from us.
  • Last resort – lower left corner arrow next to microphone, select “dial in using phone” – follow the instructions and dial in using your phone – keep your camera on and if the connection improves, you can switch back to joining via computer.

Zoom window “disappears”

If you accidentally click outside the Zoom screen, the application might be hidden. For most newer computers – find your application dock (where all open apps are displayed) and click on the blue and white camera logo -Zoom’s logo – and the Zoom screen should reappear.