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December 6, 2018
The Arising Of The EnneaCross™
January 10, 2019

Just Start

“Just start.  Just start sharing the experience of writing this book!”  That’s the recurring message that has refused to fade away.

In my personal experience, the process of writing has always been extremely private.  I’ve written three books, the first in my earlier professional career, and two of them on the application of Enneagram wisdom:  Deep Coaching: A Catalyst for Profound Change through the Enneagram and Deep Living: Transforming Your Relationship To Everything That Matters through the Enneagram.  Those, and the many articles I’ve written, have been withheld from public view until I thought they were ready for ‘prime time.’

I’m doing it differently this time.  I’ve decided to share my newest book-in-progress and my writing process publicly while I’m in it.  I know other authors routinely blog about their work.  For me, taking this u-turn in my usual approach means bumping up against some of sharp edges of my personality structure’s rules as they are being challenged.  I’m discovering that some of those rules which used to feel non-negotiable, are losing their energy as I listen to a deeper voice that is insistent that I be more transparent about this newest adventure.   There is no doubt that I will reap many as of yet unknown gifts from following this urge, and it is my hope that you too, will also discover gems that have meaning for you.

What I do know even now is that in the writing of this book and ‘just starting’ with this blog series, I am being changed.

I hope you’ll join me.

Roxanne Howe-Murphy

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