Entryways to Stillness
December 14, 2020
Beyond Duality Retreat: The Communal Heart
March 8, 2021

“The experience of needing to change what we think is inherently wrong with ourselves is deeply rooted in the personality structure.

The experience of the great loss [for each type] leads to the embedded experience of being inadequate. And there’s some truth to the feeling of inadequacy.

Remember that the personality structure is trying to replicate our awakened qualities, which it doesn’t have the capacity to accomplish.

So, it’s true that the personality structure—or the ego itself—is inadequate in creating the authentic experience of true nature.

It can’t give you what you’re looking for. It will always leave you hungering for something different, something more. This is one of the great paradoxes of our lives. However, there’s nothing inadequate about your authentic nature. It will always be a source of truth, nourishment, and astonishment.”

Excerpts from the book, “Deep Living with the Enneagram: Recovering Your True Nature,” by Roxanne Howe-Murphy.

Type 1 – There is nothing you need to make happen or fix in order to experience the sweet nature of goodness. There’s momentous relief in realizing that there’s a greater intelligence at work, and that you’re an integral part of this.
Type 2 – You don’t have to work to create love. You’re absolutely lovable and your loving nature is part of your true gift. When you’re truly present, and not grasping to make a connection, you have more contact with your own heart.
Type 3 – Your heart is magnificent, and it will guide you to your authentic self. You don’t have to perform for others to receive their admiration and approval to be in touch with the delicious being that you are.
Type 4 – You have everything you need to be an original expression of life. Even the so-called mundane experiences are aspects of a life intricately laces with beauty and meaning.
Type 5 – You have a place in life, and your valued contributions both include and transcend your mental knowing. You have a tender, lovable heart with the capacity to be deeply touched and deeply touch others.
Type 6 – With sustained attention toward the aliveness of your inner body and toward maintaining a soft and open heart, you recognize that support doesn’t come from mental activity, but arises from this inner experience.
Type 7 – All this joy and freedom that you love is here, only in this moment. You do not need to go anywhere or change what you are doing to experience the astonishment that is available here and now.
Type 8 – Your open-heartedness and willingness to let others in are vital dimensions of your strength. The groundedness and strength you experience in your body provide you with the support to allow your heart to register your deep caring for others.
Type 9 – You are an indomitable force, meant to be here. Your presence contributes to the whole and is needed.

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