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May 11, 2019
No Escaping Reality: The Deep Living Practice of “Being With”
June 24, 2019

New Doorways To A Less-Conditioned Self

What Are the Four Horizontal Lines at the Core to the EnneaCross ™ Trying to Teach?

A Hidden Internal Structure Is Being Revealed

With this continuing exploration of the EnneaCross™, I have been ushered into mystery after mystery of our deeper nature.

The four horizontal lines at the core of the EnneaCross™ represent four dimensions of our finite nature, each of which is embedded with specific attributes of the human condition and its psychological dilemmas, conditioned ways of perceiving life, core beliefs, and automatic patterns, as well as its accompanying deep yearnings, hopes, aspirations, and gifts.

Accordingly, I have named these horizontal lines “portals.”

These portals serve two purposes. One is to show us specific blockages to experiencing our more essential, more limitless nature (symbolized by life’s vertical, Infinite dimension). It is as if these are areas where our awareness gets dammed up and unable to flow. These blockages or interferences limit our perceptions, and our access to the expansive and embodied knowing that open to our innate, inherent Wholeness. With light shed on these blockages, we can use them for the second purpose, which is to bring our attention to softening and healing them. In this way, the dam is released and a doorway to greater awareness is opened.

When I sense that I’m blocked, I use the portals to see if I can find and name the interference. When that happens, and I can relax into it. I find that the interference releases some of its energy and frequently, it is dissolved and I get greater access to my less conditioned self.

Naming These Sacred Portals

That’s why I call these portals “sacred.” They are named Sacred Holding, Sacred Trust, Sacred Connectedness, and Sacred Engaged Wisdom.

Each of the portals has become a focus of one chapter in my new book. As I write, I am being deeply worked as I learn more about what is being revealed by each portal. While my learning is still a work in progress, I do know this:

Together, these portals represent a universal undergirding or organizing structure of our deepest nature.

Devon Carter, a practitioner and teacher of CranioSacral Therapy and member of our Deep Living team, has shared with me that these portals exactly parallel the body’s own internal and developmental organizing structure—the physical structure that regulates the flow of the life force in each one of us.

Fundamentally, I find that this work is tapping into what is both known and still unknown about the mystery of our own nature and about our developing relationship to the Great Mystery.

— Roxanne Howe-Murphy


  1. Roxanne I am so excited to hear about your developing work. I LOVE Deep Living. It is my favorite book on the Enneagram and as a coach I have recommended it to countless clients. Just the chapter on the inner critic ALONE is transformational. I was on one of your book launch calls years ago and it was wonderful to just hear your voice and the way you invite others into your teaching. I wish you all the best in this new body of work! Thank you for doing the deep dive and integrative work as an Enneagram teacher. I know I can’t wait to read your new book. Warmly, Courtney Pinkerton

  2. Courtney, thank you for your kind note and for your good wishes! I’m so grateful to know that Deep Living has made this impact on you. I can’t wait to be able to share the new body of work with you, as well. Please stay in touch with DLI and let us know how we can support you or what you’re offering to your clients. Feel free to write any of us directly. Blessings! Roxanne

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