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December 31, 2019
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Notes from the “Field” – Resonance

I’ve been thinking lately about how I can better express and share my passion for the subject of resonance and the vibrational field of which we are a part. This topic fascinates me because I sense its deep connection to presence and its implications for our personal growth.

The dictionary definition of resonance hints at its mysterious quality:


1. the quality in a sound of being deep, full, and reverberating

2. the reinforcement or prolongation of sound by reflection from a surface or by the 

synchronous vibration of a neighboring object.

I think about resonance beyond the specific example of sound. I feel we (and all of reality) are part of a vibrational field and that resonance exists within and around us. When I am present, I sense this vibrational field in and around my body. It feels “deep, full, and reverberating”.  This may be primarily an inner experience, as in meditation, but it also extends beyond me.

When I tune into the field surrounding me, my sense of everything outside me becomes clearer, as if I am perceiving reality more truly. At the same time, I sense myself as part of everything, so “inner” and “outer” are more blurred. When I am with other people, I experience the field as one between us. A palpable energy and resonance connect us; my inner vibration is somehow resonating with the vibration of the other person. This connection to reality or attunement to another person feels analogous to the resonance of sound as a “synchronous vibration” as defined above.  

I don’t know if my experience is the same as that of others.  I suspect everyone has unique sensations, doorways, and moments of awareness. Yet I believe there is a common underlying field and we meet there however we arrive. When we meet in presence, our vibrational fields are resonating.

Why does this matter to me? Because I take it as confirmation that we are not separate, that our inner journeys are connected to a universal oneness. Our seeking is our response to a calling from our deepest nature that mirrors the nature of reality. We sense this connection in the field.

More and more I understand that this field of resonance is simply the nature of reality and all we need to do is become aware and build our presence.  The field will then reveal itself and support us. How often in our daily lives are we coming from ego or personality structure, on autopilot, stressed, and half asleep? What if we could tune in any moment to a deep, rich, and full field of presence, feel it vibrating in our bodies? We would find in this field a resonance with a higher vibration in our three centers–clear minds and wise guidance, loving hearts full of compassion for ourselves and others, and bodies grounded and vibrant. We would synchronize with our true nature and that of reality. We would understand that we are not generating our experience but responding to a forcefield. 

Living in resonance is like tuning a radio to a certain frequency (if you remember fine-tuning the dial by hand). 

When my husband and I took our youngest son to rehab years ago (he is healthy now and sober seven years), we felt we had arrived in a perceptible field of harmony and calm. The campus buildings were spread among green fields and rolling hills, dotted with meditative spaces. Design clearly contributed to the calm atmosphere, but it was more than that. The atmosphere itself was humming with a sense of serenity. 

Given all the suffering we soon witnessed, this surprised me. Kids as young as 14 had been dropped off against their will, and some tried to escape out windows or smuggle in drugs.  One older man, a pediatric oncologist, couldn’t stand his struggle with alcohol anymore. Against pleas from counsellors and friends, he left rehab. Once home, he committed suicide. With this degree of pain, you might not expect to feel a humming field of goodness. 

Yet we were part of an intense group experience where the heavy veils through which we normally see are pierced. We were together in a field of shared devotion to getting sober, deep family love, and honesty replacing lies. My husband, my son, and I made the decision to surrender to a Higher Power, inviting in a field of grace and support. Thousands of people had made this same journey, and that is why it was there to be sensed as we arrived feeling frightened, desperate, and lost. We could taste the sweet resonance from the vibrational field at a time when we most needed it. 

That is worth tuning into. When have you felt resonance in the vibrational field?

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  1. Jeanette says:

    I love your explanation of ‘the field’ and ‘resonance’. It all makes sense to me. Thank you so much for sharing your story here.

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