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Notes From The “Field” Welcome

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Welcome to the Deep Living Conversation

We are beginning here what we trust will be a rich and varied Deep Living conversation. I am offering my Notes From the “Field” and other DLI Keepers of the Fire will be contributing under their own threads. We hope you will also contribute- in addition to comments and discussion below, we welcome topical writing by our community members.

Sacred Space

I am intensely aware that we are all inundated with content- some of it unwanted, some of it designed to be addictive to our poor brains. I personally am not on social media and have an active dislike for much of what’s on the internet. I also am grateful for what the internet makes possible, including our community. So please know that not only are we committed to privacy, security, no  promoted content or links, proper attribution and so on, we aspire to create a safe, sacred space. We meet here as if we were sitting together in a Circle face to face. So when we say Welcome, we mean please join the Circle. Bring your heart and soul and let’s take a deep breath together!

Why the “Field”?

In these Notes From the “Field”, I will be exploring ideas about resonance and how we can create and share intentionally in deep fields of awareness. I want to share some of my experiences in the “field”, hear about yours and start a conversation about our adventures in the mystery. Many people today are studying and writing about how human beings are really energy fields capable of interconnecting and influencing each other, or even events, and what this means for our evolution and consciousness. For example, I’m currently reading the book Field of Compassion by Judy Cannato which begins by explaining morphogenic fields. Here is an image Cannato offers that I find helpful: “We are not merely personalities contained in a defined body, like water carried in a bucket. Rather, the human person is a field of energy and information rooted in the body but extending out from the body, interacting with the energy and information of others. None of us is a discrete, separate unit, but an integrated system of interactions and relationships connected to all.”          (p.7) I don’t want to write about quantum physics (as if I could) but I am interested in how this idea of a field can show up in living deeply. My experience is that there is a deeper field we can tap into that supports our growth. In Deep Living we work with presence- that feels like a connection to a field to me. We work with self-awareness and the patterns of personality that the Enneagram mysteriously illuminates- that feels like a field to me. We gather in circles which create a field. We go on retreats with the intention of learning together in a consciously created field, apart from the clatter of the world. In each case we are intentionally creating and inviting a deeper energetic field to support our work. One of my first encounters with a field of consciousness that I could sense and be aware of as an “entity”, was on my Part 1 training at the Enneagram Institute about 16 years ago. I arrived a novice. I didn’t know what they meant when they spoke of presence and I had never meditated before. After a few days of listening I started to see a light around our teacher Russ Hudson, especially when he answered students questions. I had never seen this sort of aura before. It was strongest when Russ responded in the moment to a question, he would pause and seem to get a “download” from somewhere. I felt I was witnessing him connect to a universal source of some kind. I also felt as I listened that my field was being uplifted by his, some sort of entrainment. Since then I have noticed that I see light around people when I am dropped in but rarely in everyday life. I take this experience as a sign that I have somehow connected to a deeper field, partly created by my own presence, partly created by the setting or group field and partly created by the teacher or person speaking. Sometimes it feels that the key is that truth is being spoken. So this is the sort of “field” I want to explore. The small glimmers that show up and the giant blankets that wrap us in qualities like peace, brilliance, love. Please, won’t you join me in the field?  

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    I am now sitting with the Deep Living book, and am glad to have discovered you.


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