Parents: You are the ones with special needs

Join Brian Mitchell-Walker and Irma Velasquez starting in September for an amazing six-week process.
Starting in September 2019.

Are you squeezed out of your life? Do you feel like you are parenting alone? Do you feel disconnected with yourself?
Does this experience sound familiar to you?

Taking care of a loved one, be it a child, an aging parent, or one with special needs takes all the energy you can gather.
Imagine focusing some of that energy on yourself.

In this course, you will have an opportunity to be part of a community and experience that will fill you and nourish you. During the five-weeks we will cover:

  • How to identify your own priorities as distinct from the priorities of those in your care.
  • Ways that can support you to be a keen observer of your own and other’s behaviors
  • Enneagram basics, including the three centers of intelligence, Harmonics and our human instincts
  • Guides for personal self-awareness
  • New ways of approaching conflict with yourself and with others
  • Ways to strengthen the connection with yourself and with your loved ones

When: Wednesdays September 18, 25 October 2, 23 & 30
Time: 10:30-Noon PST

Cost: $175 USD for the series

To register for this course, please email Irma and Brian by filling out this contact form below and then use the PayPal button to make payment and reserve your spot:


    Embodied Presence: A Sensory Pathway to Access the 3 Centers of the Enneagram.

    Join Brian Mitchell-Walker and Devon Carter starting in November for an amazing four-week process.

    Are we allowing the full range of our human experience? Can we develop our capacity to access a more full experience? How would our life be enhanced if we could?

    From an early age, our thoughts, emotions, and even our ideas begin as sensory experience in the body. As our language and cognitive abilities develop, this broader range of sensory response narrows to recognizable and predictable concepts and labels like love, joy, anger, fear. Over time we only experience the more patterned sensations associated with these labels. As our sensory abilities narrow, so does our capacity to respond to life from a broader field of depth, and presence. We often fall into habitual reactions which may not be in alignment with what is occurring in the present moment.

    These four sessions will explore how to stay present with the sensations of the body (the intelligence of our belly center). Through guided somatic awareness, discussion and Enneagram theory that underlies type structure, we will experience all three centers (belly, heart and head) as they arise in each moment. With this increased capacity to stay present, participants will observe personal patterns in their sensory reactions connected to their Enneagram Type.

    Embodied Presence: A Sensory Pathway to Access the 3 Centers of the Enneagram.
    4 Sessions on Wednesdays at 6:00 pm PDT – 7:30 pm PDT
    from November 6 – December 4, 2019 (note no session on November 27)

    Cost $140

    To register for the course, please email Brian and Devon by filling out the contact form below, then use the PayPal button below to make your payment and reserve your spot