Beyond Duality Retreat Series

Living at the Intersection of our Infinite and Finite Nature

If you find yourself challenged in staying anchored in your deeper nature while living your day-to day life in these times of chaos, and uncertainty, you are not alone. Honoring both the infinite and finite within creates an internal tension and a profound paradox.

We are being asked (and sometimes forced) to release that which obstructs contact with the spiritual “I” that lies deep within, connected to the Eternal.

The EnneaCross™, * the integration of two powerful, ancient symbols that reflect the spiritual journey, offers insights into four universally shared dimensions of human experience that lay beneath individual personality types and provide portals into our deeper nature.       

In this retreat, we primarily focus on the portal of Holding. We are generally unconscious of the dynamics of Holding and how it affects us. 

There are three reasons it’s important to deepen contact with the experience of Holding through the help of the EnneaCross™: 

First, on a personal level, our relationship to Holding is fundamental to how we perceive and approach all of life. When the experience of Holding is based upon unreliable and even false sources, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, off-balance, lost and alienated. We will identify what undermines and supports a healthy sense of Holding.

Second, building the capacity for Being with ourselves at a more profound level provides a stronger sense of anchoring. With a particular focus on deepening contact with the belly center, we will explore paradoxical and non-conceptual pathways to a greater sense of Grounded Presence.                                                                                                                       

Third, with the EnneaCross™ as a framework, Holding is the foundational portal that supports the spiritual journey, and contributes to increased trust, connected and wholeness. We’ll use practices that can lead to establishing oneself in this paradoxical and heart-opening intersection of our finite and infinite nature. 

Ultimately, this work supports the movement of Love and Compassion in your life and in the world. 

Consciously Participating in the Evolutionary Movement toward Union

We explore important turning points along the spiritual journey–reflecting on deeply held dimensions of the ego that give the illusion of separateness and struggle–the basis of duality; and explore portals for surrendering ourselves to the “divine milieu” — to Love and the Mystery of Being. 

Spirit is calling to us. Evolution is happening. Perhaps you sense its urging around and within you. Simultaneously, we are faced with the challenges of life, internal and external tensions, local, national and global uncertainties. It may feel as if you and the world are going backward. Many ask the ancient question, “how can I be in this world, and not of it?” How do I access, nurture and sustain contact with the spiritual “I” that lies deep within, connecting to the Eternal?

The EnneaCross™ (discovered by Roxanne Howe-Murphy and colleague, Diana Redmond) is the integration of two powerful ancient symbols of conscious awakening: the Enneagram and the cross-cultural cross. This integrated symbol points to important dimensions of our hidden experience–including both obstacles and paths to our Essential Nature.


Living the Mystery as a Human

We expand beyond the wisdom of the traditional approach to the Enneagram-a framework which both illuminates specific ways the ego stands in opposition to the authentic mystery of our Beingness; and points to the truth of our Essential Nature. 

The wide-spread yearning for experiencing the profound mystery of Being will not be denied. How affirming to realize that this desire would not exist if we did not have some inner knowing of the Mystery already. Yet, the dynamic of wanting to know this authentic connection within can seem at odds with the egoic tendency to ‘think’ we have to wait for the perfect circumstances or somehow pull this off on our own.

The EnneaCross ™, the integration of two powerful ancient symbols that reflect the spiritual journey, points to deeply held dimensions of the ego that keep us stuck in the sense of separateness. The EnneaCross™ also invites us to open to dynamics that support our unfolding. Our time together is intended to bring forth new awareness, and to call upon your deep and evolutionary capacity for ‘turning over what is not yours’ and allowing what wants to come forward as a portal into Union and Being.


Embracing Your Humanity and the Profound Mystery of Being

Paradox lies at the very heart of the spiritual journey. It is always present, though we only become truly aware of it when we are present. When worked with consciously, it opens us up, works our edges, challenges our attachments, and serves as an avenue for healing and inner freedom. 

Many of us feel the tug of seemingly opposing energies within–both drawn to express the qualities of our higher spiritual nature and finding that we sometimes act and react in familiar and troubling ways that decrease our sense of connectedness, open-heartedness and love. The sense of an internal split between your human nature and the deep, authentic mystery of your own Beingness is painful and can easily lead to a false conclusion that experiencing the sacred within cannot really be experienced now, in day-to-day life. The ‘either/or’ split, the sense of separation from oneself and from others is so common in consciousness that it feels like this is what life has to offer.

Holding what appears to be opposites in our lives is a deep and evolutionary capacity that calls upon and ignites the heart. The Enneagram offers a powerful map that shows us one of the ultimate paradoxes: that the personality structure creates a trance of duality that takes us in exactly the opposite direction from our deepest nature.