Charting a Path Forward
March 1, 2022
Welcome to A New Season
March 25, 2022

From Irma Velasquez and Roxanne Howe-Murphy, Deep Living Lab Board Co-Chairs

Our hearts are being shattered as we bear witness to yet another horrific iteration of destruction, violence, and unimaginable suffering. Our understanding of the world order is upendend, and it is only natural to feel unmoored. Still, we are here, navigating this unknown territory of inner and outer work. As events unfold each day, we ask what it means to be truly human as a member of the larger community of life on this planet, and what is the key to living beyond the drive of the ego.

At Deep Living Lab, we believe the key is right here, facing and within each of us. And it is here that we must start. For, if we deny or judge any part of ourselves, we create a war within. We become divided against ourselves. Without an authentic grounding in our own nature, anchored in the invisible depths of inner intelligence, we ensure the ego will continue its drive.

No matter how removed we are from violence, we hold a collective responsibility for these acts of humanity that polarize us from ourselves and from each other. 

When we approach life from a state of wholeness, then those we touch, the larger community, and the earth will benefit. From a state of wholeness, we can address the agony of injustice and glimpse the inherent radiance of the universe, that aspect of which is often not visible until the hour of darkness. Here we are reminded that there is something beyond what is visible.

The people of Ukraine and all people suffering from conflict are in our hearts. If you feel moved to lend your support to Ukraine here are some organizations you can contribute to.

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