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August 7, 2012
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August 21, 2012

Real Choice

I love my new “hometown,” beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico. My husband and I have been visiting the astonishing high desert area in Northern New Mexico since 1988, lived in the area in spurts at different times, and finally, heeded the call to put down our roots here.

This week is the world-renowned Santa Fe Indian Market—the 91st—and the town is alive with activity and visitors. Next week-end, 1000 juried artists from many Native American tribes will be displaying their highly prized work along 14 city blocks, accompanied by native food, music, and other entertainment. Leading up to the week-end are dozens of artist demonstrations, lectures, and concerts. It’s extraordinary.

Here’s the kicker: a look at the schedule of events, and I felt a rush of adrenal, excitement and anticipation, mixed with a little panic and gasping breath. The mind kicked in: how will we ever do it all? How much can we do in a day? What can’t we miss?

STOP! Oh, yes, I recognize this experience—not wanting to be deprived of any of these truly amazing opportunities. Fearing that I’ll miss out on the one thing that will be a stand-out of the week. Do you know this experience for yourself? Enter the Enneagram Seven experience.

You don’t have to be dominant in the Seven energy to get hooked by an energetic hit of being potentially deprived, of feeling constrained by all the choices, and simply, wanting it all. This swoosh of energy can kick in before you blink, even if it’s not very useful or satisfying. The thing is to catch it happening in the moment.

Breathing, letting the energy slow and relax, the ‘grasping for more’ energy shifts into something more expansive…the deeper desire to savor whatever choice we make. I’m grateful for real choice.

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