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August 21, 2012
The Passing of a Teacher, Friend and Colleague
October 3, 2012

Showing Up for Our Great Work

This week the new Deep Coaching Institute’s training cohort began its 10-month long personal and professional development journey together. My heart is full. Once again, we have a richly diverse and experienced group of professionals from around the world who have decided that they want to take the leap into living and guiding others from a place of presence and deep intelligence. Some of our recent graduates have chosen to serve as mentors to their new colleagues-in-training. Talented faculty who are dedicated to their own inner work, as well as professional excellence, are serving as teachers and guide. And the support of our staff can be felt at every turn.

What has struck me is the way in which people are showing up. There is some quality that I’ve been trying to discern, and now I can name what I’m seeing. I call Deep Coaching a force for love and healing in the world, and that’s the experience that our professional community has. What I recognize now is the compelling degree of passion and commitment that occurs as a natural outgrowth of connecting one’s deep inner work to exploring, discovering and heeding a call to their unique expression of service. That combination evokes each person’s greatest gifts.

The challenge, of course, is that we often don’t know in advance specifically what we are being called to. But when paying attention, we know that we are called. When we say yes and show up, then our great work begins to show itself.

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