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March 31, 2020
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We Stand with Survivors of Abuse

This is a difficult letter to write.  A high-profile leader in the Enneagram community, Chris Heuertz, was recently accused of serious allegations involving the psychological and spiritual abuse of power in an organization called Word Made Flesh, which he left in 2012.  We in the Deep Living Institute want to share our perspective because many of you know Chris Heuertz, have heard his talks, read his Enneagram books, or been influenced by him in some way.  You may be experiencing some of the shock waves coursing through the Enneagram community, including ours.

We grieve with the men and women who were victims of Chris Heuertz’s actions and acknowledge the courage it takes to come forth and break the silence in exposing abusive behavior.

Our hearts and support extend to everyone who was harmed or traumatized by Chris’s behavior. (Note:  We are unaware of any abuse that has taken place in the Enneagram community.)  It takes enormous courage to speak out about a person who has become widely known and seen as influential.  We stand in solidarity against any abuse and hope these revelations open the doors to more truth-telling, healing, and reparation.

Real harm is done when personal, financial, sexual, or other boundaries are crossed and/or when one’s experience is manipulated, denied, dismissed, or otherwise betrayed.  We’re aware that learning about the situation with this teacher could trigger deep pain and difficulty.  If you find this happening and need additional support, please take care of yourself and ask for help.  You are also welcomed to reach out to us.

With a shared commitment to the healing needed in this world, we close with… 

Love and gratitude.

Roxanne, Moira, Irma, Lara, Pam, Laurie, Brian, Devon, and Jean
The DLI Team

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