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March 25, 2022
Join Our Team! Marketing Director
June 22, 2022

Welcome Diana Redmond!

We are thrilled to welcome Diana Redmond to our growing team as Experiential Learning Director! Diana brings a depth of experience with the Enneagram, is committed to presence-based work, and has been practicing spiritual traditions for over 40 years. At Deep Living Lab, she will lead the development of retreats, workshops, healing circles, and other transformative experiences, all based on Roxanne Howe-Murphy’s book, Deep Living with the Enneagram: Recovering Your True Nature

“Deep Living Lab’s Board of Directors is honored that Diana Redmond, with her high caliber of excellence and collaboration, is joining our dynamic team in this significant role.  Along with her substantial background, we look forward to Diana’s wisdom, curiosity, generous spirit, and love of this work being integral to our organization’s direction.”  

Roxanne Howe-Murphy, Founder and Co-Chair

Diana’s presence marks a milestone in DLL’s vision of being a force in moving towards a world where people access their deepest sources of wisdom and live with a greater sense of wholeness. Read Diana’s bio here.

Liz Vanderwerff
Liz Vanderwerff
As Co-executive Director, I will be primarily focused on actualizing the mission of Deep Living Lab by helping the organization consciously grow and structure itself to reach a diversity of more courageous individuals who are exploring their own path to their truest selves. Read more:

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